Wednesday Update: Food

30 Aug
Scroll down to see Atlas eating a variety of foods – ha!! Is that all he does? Oh, and hang out with his friend Sofia. I also included a cute photo of his school after a rainy day – all...
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Tuesday Update: Eclipse!

22 Aug
Yesterday was Eclipse day (as I’m sure you know – ha!)! We took the day off and kept Atlas home from daycare, though he slept for most of the event, which is fine. We hung out in our neighbor’s front...
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Monday Update: Mama & At weekend!

7 Aug
While Papa worked hard all weekend on building some raised beds for blueberry bushes (!), Atlas and I kept ourselves busy with lots of fun things. We went to The Nature Center (you should hear his howling wolf impression!), had...
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Monday Update: Family & Friends!

31 Jul
We had a wonderful full weekend of quality time with family and friends. Saturday, we went to Penny & Danny’s farm to celebrate Grandma Lee’s birthday! We all had lunch together, ate delicious dessert and basically just enjoyed Atlas, who...
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Monday Update: Summer days

10 Jul
4th of July with the neighbors, first try of ice cream (which was Kale & Blueberry with almond milk, but still!), big breakfast out for Mama’s birthday (Atlas ate pretty much all of that food you see below!) and just...
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Monday Update: Long vacation!!

3 Jul
We’ve been on vacation FOREVER. A week at the beach in Calabash, NC staying with our amazing friends Deb and Bob, back home on Friday, and now we’re enjoying the long 4th of July weekend! I haven’t been to work...
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Tuesday Update: Long weekend recap!

30 May
Warning: Lots of photos ahead!! Last week was Atlas’ first school “performance,” as part of the graduation for the bigger kids who were moving on to kindergarten. Atlas’ toddler class performed a few songs, but Atlas didn’t really participate in...
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