Monday Update: Fall Things!

23 Oct
This past weekend, Tj and Matt went camping at our favorite LEAF Festival! Atlas and I stayed home, had a playdate, picked out his first pumpkins and painted them, and then went to visit LEAF ourselves Sunday morning. It was...
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Monday Update: Fireman Atlas!

9 Oct
Recently in Atlas’s world: Firefighter costume at school, new fingerless mittens from Auntie Kim, playdate with neighbor Jackson, exploring the house construction next door, and, of course, a little lawn...
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Monday Update: Family weekend!

25 Sep
This past weekend, my dad and his wife Laura (Grandpa and Grammy, respectively) visited us, which is something we always look forward to! We went to visit the butterflies at the Arboretum, ate lots of good food, and just enjoyed...
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Monday Update: Home Weekend!

11 Sep
We stayed home this weekend, and it was so nice! All the action was at our house anyway, thanks to the new construction started next door! We are all so excited, because Atlas is – all the construction equipment, dirt...
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Wednesday Update: Food

30 Aug
Scroll down to see Atlas eating a variety of foods – ha!! Is that all he does? Oh, and hang out with his friend Sofia. I also included a cute photo of his school after a rainy day – all...
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Tuesday Update: Eclipse!

22 Aug
Yesterday was Eclipse day (as I’m sure you know – ha!)! We took the day off and kept Atlas home from daycare, though he slept for most of the event, which is fine. We hung out in our neighbor’s front...
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