23 Weeks

19 Jan
5 months and 3 weeks along! This morning, we had a routine check-up and everything is going so well that the appointment went by too fast! Heartbeat is strong and steady and right on target (and brought tears to the...
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Baby Gear

4 Jan
Pictured here: The fanciest, heavy duty stroller (and car seat!) ever courtesy of Little Lee’s Aunt Esther, Tybee the teddy bear thanks to LL’s great-grandparents, and a baby bump! It’s so surreal and fun to have baby items start coming...
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Halfway to Little Lee

28 Dec
I am now 20 weeks along, or 5 months, which is traditionally the halfway point in a pregnancy – whaaaat?? Yes, time is the strangest thing ever. The most exciting thing happening now is probably the best part of being...
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18 weeks

14 Dec
I should probably start counting the pregnancy by months since now there are so many weeks, it takes people a while to divide by four. 😉 So I am 4 and a half months pregnant!! On Friday, we had our...
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Baby Bump!

7 Dec
Somewhere around 16 weeks, the baby bump arrived! And by this I mean I feel comfortable showing it off and knowing it’s not just that big lunch I just ate. Ha! It is pretty wonderful to physically be able to...
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13 Weeks.

8 Nov
Everyone talks about morning sickness, and feeling tired and sore, but no one talks about that part of pregnancy at the end of your first trimester and beginning of your second where you feel totally, absolutely normal (if you’re lucky)....
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16 Oct
One of my favorite parts of being pregnant in 2014 (so far) is that I have an app on my phone that tells me all the details of development with this new little one. It is absolutely staggering how much...
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9 weeks.

11 Oct
I’m so glad, actually, that we have already had two ultrasounds so early. They were just two weeks apart, but seeing how much growth has happened so fast – from a blurry blob to a definite baby-shaped light – was...
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Little heartbeat.

25 Sep
Today we saw our new little pea’s heartbeat for the first time. There, in the middle of my tummy, was a little light flickering. I know this is how it goes, but it’s hard to believe it’s real. The feeling...
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