Belly photos & another shower!

3 Apr
Little Lee is now 34 weeks cooked!! 6 weeks until the due date, and fortunately I’m still feeling pretty great and loving everything, even though the little one’s kicks are getting quite forceful at times. Of course, that just means...
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Baby Shower

26 Mar
My baby shower!! Three of my sweet friends, Sarah, Allison and Victoria (pictured with me below), took it upon themselves to spend so much of their time, thought, love and money to throw me an amazing party. I was completely...
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Listen to Little Lee!

19 Mar
Until we get to hear all those little cries and coos, all we have is the heartbeat! I recorded this this morning at my regular check-up. You can hear me and my doctor talking and giggling in the background. The...
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29 Weeks

1 Mar
Me and the kiddo in front of our new house!! We are so excited to be here, and while there are still tons of things to unpack, it really feels like we are finally home. Little Lee is about 2.5...
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27 weeks & 6 days (video!)

20 Feb
Since we’re all friends and family here, I thought I’d share a video of Little Lee’s exercises this evening. This happens all day long, but I’m glad I was finally able to capture the action! Watch for the big jump...
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6 months, 1 week.

31 Jan
Soooo, big news – we bought a house! We are so, so thrilled. It is 1400 square feet in West Asheville, less than 1.5 miles from our current rental place. It is new (and clean!), green-certified, and with 3 bedrooms...
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