Atlas’ Birth Photos

3 Jun
Our amazing, amazing doula Carrie Hike was on double duty the night of Atlas’ birth. Not only was she there to comfort and support both Tj and I, but she also took some beautiful photos of the labor and birth,...
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Two Weeks

30 May
Our little man is now two weeks old! He has had two check-ups already and is healthy and gaining weight like a champ – nearly a pound in a week!! He has little chubby cheeks and is looking more and...
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Newborn Photos

25 May
These were taken in the hospital when Atlas was less than 48 hours old. Mission Hospital sends in this amazing photographer who does a complimentary photo session, and then hands you a pamphlet with all the purchasing options. Did we...
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One Week

23 May
I was up with Atlas when the clock struck 4:40am, so we got to spend that moment together – one whole week since he entered the world!! Photos from this morning:     ...
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Atlas Troy Lee

21 May
Our little kiddo began his way into the world on his due date, around 9:30pm on Friday, May 15, 2015. At 4:40am on Saturday, May 16 he made his entrance all at once, after giving his mama the gift of...
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39 Weeks & 5 days

13 May
WOW. Here we are, two days away from the due date. This is such a weird stage of pregnancy, caught between two lives and no idea when the transition will happen! I had a doctor’s check-up today and I was...
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My Blessingway

17 Apr
A lot of people haven’t heard of blessingways. A blessingway can be a lot of things, but to me it was gathering of my close girlfriends at my home so they could shower me with love and support. No diapers...
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The baby room!

13 Apr
So, all through the pregnancy, people have asked, “How are you going to decorate without knowing the gender??” I wasn’t too worried about it, since we aren’t the type to make the room super pink or all blue anyway! I...
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