Wednesday Update: Winter Break!!

27 Dec

It’s been a while! Atlas and I are working from home this week as his school is closed and radioland is pretty quiet this time of year. We spent this past weekend in Virginia with family. Atlas got appropriately spoiled, enjoyed quality family time as the center of attention, and hopefully made everyone’s Christmas brighter! We just got back from a playdate with his best bud Ira (who happens to live right around the corner!), and Atlas successfully wore undies the whole time! Yep, we’re on day two of potty training since we’re home for the week, and so far, so good. We’re still doing diapers for nap and nighttime, but he’s doing so well! I think seeing his friends go through potty training at school all these months has made all the difference; it’s nothing new to him. Fingers crossed it sticks!!

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