Wednesday Update: Spring is here!

2 May

We love when the warm weather is here!! Atlas had good bud Ira over Sunday, the first friend to visit the new fort! Atlas continues to ham it up, eat a lot (turns out he really likes Papa’s chili – we may be making that even over the summer!) and enjoy school. You can see his little photo featured at school since it’s his birthday this month – he was about 16 months, I think, when that little gem was taken.

Funny story – yesterday, Atlas and I went to our local tailgate market to get bagels after I picked him up. I had talked it up quite a bit (Mama looooves bagels), so he was very excited. Atlas wanted his right away, unsliced and untoasted, and the vendor cracked up that Atlas just grabbed it and went to town! He ate almost the whole thing in one go. That’s my boy!

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