Tuesday Update: Halloween & New Ride!

7 Nov

This Halloween was the first that Atlas was really understanding what was going on. He wore his Spiderman jammies to school as his costume (who wouldn’t love that?), he got sent home with lots of adorable crafts, and then we went out on a little family walk in the evening to see the sights! West Asheville where we live is home to one of the busiest trick-or-treating streets in town. Atlas was so quiet and stone-faced the whole time, taking it all in, but as soon as we got out of the crowds, he started talking and was so excited about it! Next year should be even more fun!! Maybe we’ll even let him trick-or-treat. 😉 (The glow stick he’s holding was given to him by firefighters at the entrance of the street – he held on to it and his doggy the whole time, even taking it to bed. It was in his hand when I went to wake him up the next morning!)

In other big news, Atlas is now the proud owner of a Jeep. Papa had wanted to get this for him for a while, and I finally caved – haha! Last night was his first ride, and YES he does have a helmet, but we just forgot to put it on in all the excitement!!

Also pictured are some of At’s best buds from school, Connor (in the football costume) and Ira (playing dress-up). They are both mentioned often in Atlas’ daily report cards. 🙂

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