Tuesday Update: Back to the real world!

2 Jan

It feels like we’ve been living in an alternate universe with no alarm clocks and only jammies for WEEKS! Atlas is at Mugsy’s today (back to school tomorrow), and Tj and I are back at work. It’s actually nice to use my brain in a different way. 😉 We had a great, lowkey New Year’s Eve. Surprise icy roads in Asheville Sunday afternoon kept us close to home, just going out to dinner with Atlas and home by 6! Heck, we didn’t even stay up until midnight. HA!

Atlas has been having lots of fun, got a haircut, and even started potty-training. He’s done pretty well, with a few expected accidents. We’ll send him to school tomorrow in undies, so wish him luck!!

His little brain continues to amaze me. He made a joke recently (not his first), but I made a point to remember it:

Me, coming in to his room after his nap: Wow, you took a long nap!
Atlas: I took a long caterpillar nap! (And then he burst into giggles!)

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