Sunday Update: Beach Recap!

15 Jul

We are back safe and sound from Calabash, NC where we stayed with our friends Deb and Bob for the third summer in a row! They are excellent hosts, and we had such a wonderful time in their home. We spent nearly every morning on the beach, home for Atlas’ (and usually mama’s) nap, then to the pool in the afternoons. One morning we took a short drive to Myrtle Beach to visit the aquarium again, as Atlas loved it so much last year!

Atlas had shown some nervousness in the pool at swim lessons this year, but he was so brave and did awesome in the pool and also the ocean on this trip!! Tomorrow we head back into the real world, but we are so thankful for this long vacation together!!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Update: Beach Recap!

  1. Ok, I have now run out of words to describe these pictures…..can’t be any cuter. Glad you had a good time on your vacation.

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