Monday Update: Our almost 3-year-old

23 Apr

I pretty much want to title every blog post Big Kid, because that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Atlas continues to impress us with his constantly-improving language skills, sense of humor, and anything he does with his hands (he’s been doing really cool stuff with playdough and those big Legos called Duplos! We need to get him some kinetic sand to try, too!). He gets really absorbed in his work, whether it’s building monster trucks out of Duplos, or making ice cream sandwiches out of playdough for us! He’s just the biggest kid.

We had a wonderful weekend at home complete with a visit to the car wash and some quality time with Yia Yia, during which he laughed nearly constantly!! The weekend before, we went to a Truck Festival (genius idea – kid heaven!) and he got to sit in a fire truck, and we also went to visit Grandma Lee and saw Uncle Danny, as well!

Also, we’ve discovered that Atlas REALLY likes popsicles!

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