Monday Update: Officially a Montessori Kid!!

27 Aug

As I type this, Atlas is at his first full day at Asheville Montessori School! He had his first half-day last Thursday, so today was another big step. He’ll be attending full days Mon/Wed/Thurs, and then spending Tues/Fri at home with Papa – which is awesome! (We’re actually going to send him to Erika’s Tuesday mornings just to keep him around Spanish; Erika is a teacher from Casa dei Bambini whose small home daycare he’s been at since Casa closed in June.) Atlas will be at AMS for two years before starting Kindergarten! He has a new backpack and lunchbox, and he has been so excited about his “new school” and his teacher, Ms. Sarah, who is one of our best friends, which adds another special layer in this new adventure!

3 thoughts on “Monday Update: Officially a Montessori Kid!!

  1. He is going to do great in school. Was he eating raw tuna in one of those pictures? All of his pictures are always good.

    • He was eating uni, which is one of Papa’s favorites, but definitely an acquired taste. He does love raw tuna and salmon, too. It’s wild!!!

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