Monday Update: Lots of family time!

30 Jul

Last Monday, Atlas had a check-up with his pediatric pulmonologist and he did very well! He’s totally healthy, and we’re just cutting down on his dosage for his daily preventative inhaler, which is good!

We got to see a LOT of family this past week, which is always nice! Yia Yia came by one evening just for fun, we went to visit Grandma Lee Saturday to celebrate her birthday, and then Tj’s nephew Dan and his amazing girlfriend Desiree came by Sunday morning! Dan is one of Atlas’ two first cousins, so it’s always special to have time with them.

One thought on “Monday Update: Lots of family time!

  1. It doesn’t matter who’s lap he is sitting in, or who he is posing with, he always has that smile. He can make some really neat faces.

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