Tuesday Update: Halloween & Fall Adventures!

13 Nov

Wow, this blog took forever to put together! Finally made some time to clear out some technical issues!

Team Lee was the Itsy Bitsy Spider Song for Halloween, and it was so fun!! We let Atlas pick out his own costume from the Halloween store, and then Tj had the idea (and made the costumes!) to take it to the next level! We walked to Vermont Avenue, just about a mile from our home and Halloween Central for West Asheville! The city blocks off the street, the houses go full-out with decorating, and it’s wild. We have friends who live on that street, so we stayed out past dark trick-or-treating (Atlas got to trade in his candy for a treat bag when we got home!) and running into friends, and Atlas LOVED it. I thought he may get overwhelmed, but he did awesome!! (Atlas was a dragon earlier in the day at school, too!)

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Update: Halloween & Fall Adventures!

  1. This are so cute. Not so sure he was happy with the Halloween costume in a few of these. Love him making his own taco and doing with the his dad is always so cute.

  2. What’s the science experiment he’s doing at his project table? Love the reading with Papa one…and raking with Papa…and eating messy chicken wings! LOL! Precious – every one of them! <3

    • A classic! Papa takes empty egg containers, and fills each hole with baking soda and food coloring. Atlas uses the dropper to put in vinegar to make mini volcanoes! So fun.

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