Monday Update: Fall Things!

23 Oct

This past weekend, Tj and Matt went camping at our favorite LEAF Festival! Atlas and I stayed home, had a playdate, picked out his first pumpkins and painted them, and then went to visit LEAF ourselves Sunday morning. It was a beautiful and surprisingly warm weekend, which is making today’s constant downpours feel very sleepy!!

A note about the pumpkin painting: I prepped Atlas up as you would do a child – I put him in my old apron from when I was a kid, put the pumpkins on a cut up paper bag to protect the table, and yet he did not get a DROP of paint on himself, the table or even his fingers. I was shocked!! He was so focused. It’s a Toddler Miracle! The pumpkins are now displayed on our front porch, though they keep making their way back inside because Atlas likes them in his room, too. 🙂

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