Monday Update: Busy weekend!

5 Dec

Happy Monday! We had a great full weekend with our boy. Saturday night, our good friend Caleb invited us all over for dinner. There were three older boys ages 3-7 there, and Tj and I were amazed and overwhelmed at our future of a full-fledged running-around-like-crazy big kid!! Caleb’s wife Kathy cooked, the food was incredible, and it was a great evening with friends. Yesterday, we went to visit Grandma Lee and also got in quality time with Aunt Mimi (Aunt Penny) and Uncle Danny!

Atlas has been a casual bath-enjoyer his whole life, but recently, he has started LOVING baths to the point that getting him out is a struggle! (Last night, we gave him his first real bubble bath in a while, and since he’s a avid bubble-lover, he was a big fan!)

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