Monday Update: Beautiful weekend!

12 Jun

Did I miss a week of photos?? I think I did! Well, all that’s really been happening is that our baby is so big and grown up and continues to amaze us on a daily basis!! His language skills are noticeably progressing daily, and it is so incredible to actually be able to have back-and-forth conversations with him. He has a sense of humor, calls things “funny” (yes, including farting in the bathtub), can tell me who he played with at school, and can ask for what he wants to do or eat. He loves anything that has to do with trucks, dump trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, police cars, fire trucks, helicopters…you get the idea. 😉

One thought on “Monday Update: Beautiful weekend!

  1. These are all so good. Love the cockeyed look with the mouth. The hat on backward like a big boy. You sure do capture the best pictures of him, even without clothes on.

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