Atlas in Action: Chowing Down

21 Dec

Not the best quality videos, but I was cracking up at Atlas’ voracious eating yesterday – with a fork! (And he wanted to sit at his little table instead of his high chair, which was pretty cute.) He had baked salmon, green beans, beets and black beans with cheese, and then some berries for dessert. And it all disappeared! Not two hours later, he had two leftover blueberry pancakes. And then less than two hours after that, he had a full dinner! Can you imagine what he’ll be like when he’s a teenager??? We’ll start accepting donations now.

2 thoughts on “Atlas in Action: Chowing Down

  1. Oh yeah. Good idea about asking for donations! Even you, dear child, were a bottomless pit as I recall. A foot long sub before dance class. I think you ate half before then half afterwards….But he’s just a growing boy. You’ll be hearing that lots!

  2. Love the fact that he eats so many different foods, that is awesome to teach him now. He will be eating you out of house and home by the time he is a teenager. So cute.

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