Monday Update: Healing Up!

29 Oct
Atlas’ stitches have successfully been removed (after At’s first live performance, “Pete The Cat” – photos below!), and now we are in full-on Fall mode! We went to our favorite LEAF festival last weekend, which is always nice. I got...
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Monday Update: New scar!

15 Oct
Well, here’s hoping today is a much more boring Monday than last week! Atlas fell on the playground, and we spent eight hours in the ER waiting for him to get stitched up! Fortunately, he hasn’t had to be on...
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Tuesday Update: Big Kid Bed!

2 Oct
Atlas’ big kid bed is going so well! It’s so cozy, and we love climbing in there to read books and cuddle when we wake him up! Yesterday we went to a cowboy-themed 3-year-old birthday party and we had a...
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