Monday Update: Halloween!

31 Oct
We continued our superhero theme this year with 3 variations of Wolverine! Tj has the full story on his blog here. 🙂 Heck, I’m impressed we made it out of the house – last year, we got all dressed up,...
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Monday Update: LEAF weekend!

24 Oct
Yesterday we got to go to LEAF Festival, where we visit every spring and fall (actually, two years ago we took our pregnancy announcement photo there!). It was fun having Atlas able to run around this time. The big challenge...
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Monday Update: Friends!

17 Oct
We had a great weekend with lots of time outside! We met up with a few of the mamas and babes from our childbirth class at a local doughnut shop, which was long overdue and so wonderful! We also went...
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Monday Update: School days!

10 Oct
Atlas’ first week of school went so well! My biggest concern was hum transitioning from napping in a crib, to napping on a mat in the middle of the floor with the other kids, but I think he’s been so...
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Sunday Update

2 Oct
A nice weekend at home! The photo below on the beanbag – Atlas is cramming dried seaweed snacks into his mouth! Who knew! Wish us luck tomorrow for his first day of school!! (The first of...
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