Monday Update: 

27 Jun
This kid is growing so fast! Our favorite new thing for him to say is “flower.” (It’s a bit garbled when he says it, but so cute!) Atlas is talking so much these days, but we still don’t understand everything....
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Mid-week photo dump!

21 Jun
Apologies for the belated post! I was off in Savannah over the weekend to celebrate our good friend Sarah’s bachelorette party, and let’s just say, I’m just NOW starting to feel like normal. HA!! It was so fun, and Tj...
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Weekend Update

12 Jun
Atlas got his third haircut yesterday – see the last photo! He was starting to get some nice curls, so maybe we’ll keep ’em around next time. It won’t be long – his hair grows so...
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Tuesday Update!

7 Jun
We continue to enjoy this boy! The highlight this past week was going to Grandma Lee’s Sunday for a quick visit to say hello! Atlas loved impressing her with his new eating skills, and also doing some great walking practice...
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