Weekend Update

26 Mar
Whew, I can’t even keep up with the weeks as they pass!! We’ll go with weekend update for now. 😉 We are on our way to Fripp!! We are spending the week with several friends including a 5-month-old named Amelia....
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44 Weeks

19 Mar
Atlas has started mimicking us this week, which is possibly the most fun thing ever. If we stick our tongue out all the way, he will do the same. If we make other funny noises with our mouth or if...
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10 Months

16 Mar
Whoa, double digits! We had to give this photoshoot two tries, because Atlas is THAT wiggly these days. Luckily, we got a few photos in focus the second go ’round. Whew!! What a workout…...
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43 Weeks

12 Mar
Atlas got his new convertible car seat installed this week! This is the one he will use until he’s an actual kid, so it’s a big step! He is still rear-facing for a while, but this one will transition to...
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42 Weeks

6 Mar
Let’s see, the big news this week is that Atlas’ top two teeth broke the surface! He still hasn’t had any noticeable signs of teething, so we are very lucky! He continues to crawl around and pull up on things...
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