41 Weeks

27 Feb
Well, as you may have read in TJ’s blog, we had an eventful Saturday night last week! We were at the ER with croup, but fortunately they got to us really fast and Atlas has been recovering nicely. Just a...
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40 Weeks

20 Feb
Atlas has now officially been out in the world the same amount of time he was in my belly. Amazing!! Grandpa and Grammy Grundfast are visiting this weekend! Tomorrow night, we are all going to see Lyle Lovett in concert;...
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9 Months

16 Feb
Well, these photo shoots are definitely becoming a challenge! Whew!! I think I worked up a sweat trying to get this photo. All worth it, of course. 🙂...
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39 Weeks

13 Feb
Today we went to Grandma Lee’s for a quick day trip! Esther was in town, too, and Penny stopped by, so we were able to enjoy some quality family time and, of course, a big ol’ feast for lunch! I...
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38 Weeks

7 Feb
We have two teeth! Atlas has done so well with it – no fussiness or drooling, so hopefully that continues with the rest of his teeth! This week, one of the stations I work for had our annual Guitar Jam...
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Atlas in Action: Ready to grub!

1 Feb
Just a cute video from over the weekend to make your Monday brighter! 🙂 The washcloth he’s chewing on was nice and cold – Atlas finally had one of his bottom teeth poke through! Photo to follow, if he’ll let...
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