37 Weeks

30 Jan
Things are happening fast over here! Atlas’ two bottom front teeth are SO close to popping through, we can see them! He loves pulling up to standing, and it’s only a matter of time before he realizes he can do...
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36 Weeks

23 Jan
This has been a big week for Atlas! He has pulled himself up to standing a few times, a few teeth are so close to popping through, he and I have both had colds for almost a week now (the...
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35 Weeks

17 Jan
Atlas is a full-on crawling machine now, even with pj’s on the hardwood floors. Nothing can stop him! I’ve also noticed the beginnings of trying to pull himself up, but I’m in no rush to see that full-fledged stage!! He...
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34 Weeks

9 Jan
Atlas is happily crawling on his knees now and eats pureed sweet potatoes or carrots almost nightly. Yesterday, Mugsy had a medical issue (she is okay!), so Atlas spent a few hours with his friend Cole (adorable photos below) so...
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33 Weeks

3 Jan
We just returned home from a weekend at Grandma Lee’s! Since we didn’t have our usual wild night on the town for New Year’s (ha ha), we drove over New Year’s Day and spent two nights filled with Yahtzee, lots of...
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