32 Weeks

26 Dec
Another blog post from the road! We are headed back from an awesome, wonderful week in Roanoke. Atlas and I got lots and lots of quality time with my mom and all of the family, including Atlas’ great grandparents. Lots...
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31 Weeks

19 Dec
We are en route to Christmas in Roanoke, Virginia! My mom came down to pick Atlas and I up, and Tj will meet us there next week. It will be a fun fun week of family and pj’s and passing...
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7 Months

17 Dec
As you can see, we’ve had to change up our format a bit. Atlas will absolutely not stay on his back for very long anymore! Heck, even getting him to be “still” sitting up was tough. I’m surprised I got...
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30 Weeks

13 Dec
What! How! 30 weeks?? Atlas is definitely a mover, shaker, and talker at this point. Diaper changes are getting VERY difficult as he wants to wiggle and flip as soon as he’s on his back! I just need to keep...
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29 Weeks

6 Dec
So, obviously, our big milestone of the week was crawling!! Since then, Atlas has been ON THE MOVE, which is not a surprise, of course. Papa just got done securing Atlas’ bookshelf to the wall, so that’s our first official...
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