24 Weeks

31 Oct
Happy Halloween!! Tj will be posting some awesome costume photos tomorrow on his blog! Atlas is working on both sitting up and crawling, as you could see by the videos this week. I can hardly believe we are already at...
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23 Weeks

24 Oct
My mom (Yia Yia) and stepdad (Poppie) are here for the weekend! Atlas is so lucky to have so many loving family members who travel to come visit him!! I had to make the call this week – Atlas is...
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22 Weeks

17 Oct
Last night was Atlas’ first concert, cellist Ben Sollee at the Grey Eagle. He is a longtime favorite of Tj and I, so it was a great experience for us all. Atlas and I just got back from a small...
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5 Months

16 Oct
I finally captured a good grin for one of Atlas’ monthly photos! His smiles and grins and giggles bring us SO much joy on a daily basis, so this photo really shows where Atlas is at these days. What a...
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21 Weeks

10 Oct
Our little Atlas is becoming more and more a kid. He continues to want to grab at our cups and things in front of him, and I can see him starting to watch us eat. His hair is getting so...
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20 Weeks

3 Oct
At 20 weeks pregnant, I was exactly halfway through my pregnancy, and just look at us now! Atlas is changing daily, it seems. He’s now very eager to grab at things in front of him, including mama’s hair. He has...
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