19 Weeks

26 Sep
I’m writing this as we drive to see Grandma Lee! Atlas was fussy for a while, but now is peacefully snoozing on our rainy drive. 🙂 Atlas now recognizes when we leave a room, which definitely changes things once again!...
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Atlas in Action: Snoozing on Mama

24 Sep
Atlas and I finally found our groove with baby-wearing!! It just didn’t feel comfortable in any carrier for the first few months (maybe he was just too floppy!), but now we’ve gotten the hang of the Ergo! It helps soothe...
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18 Weeks

19 Sep
Atlas is on the verge of flipping from his belly to back – he’s done it a couple times in his crib, but I haven’t actually seen it in action yet! He’s been super talkative, finding new sounds to make,...
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Atlas in Action: Head Scratcher

17 Sep
Atlas had his 4-month check-up today! He weighs 15.5 pounds and is 25.5″ tall! He impressed everyone with a quick flip to his belly on the examination table, prompting Dr. Livingston to say that we may have an early mover...
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4 Months

16 Sep
Each month I think Atlas looks SO big and grown up until I do the next month’s photo and realize he was so little just a month ago! I think this is how it will go…forever. (For comparison: 1 month,...
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Grandparents Day!

13 Sep
I’m not sure I even knew this was a holiday, and I definitely didn’t get any cards out in the mail, but I love any excuse to celebrate all of Atlas’ wonderful grandparents AND great-grandparents!! What a lucky, lucky boy...
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17 Weeks

12 Sep
I went to write this and couldn’t even remember how many weeks we were at, so time is really flying! It was definitely a big week: Atlas learned how to grab his foot, actually responded to his name for the...
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16 Weeks

5 Sep
Exactly one year ago today we found out I was pregnant. How do I remember that? A combination of it being a 5th (our monthly anniversary of our first date) and simply that we had been trying for a baby...
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