15 Weeks

29 Aug
It has been another great week for Atlas and I at daycare and work, respectively. He has been sleeping really well, having only one wake-up a night (!!) to eat, and now happily sleeps on his belly. Atlas is developing...
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14 Weeks

22 Aug
Yes, eventually I will stop counting by weeks. 😉 Atlas has mastered tummy time and can now lift his head, just in time for rolling – I’ve woken up the past two mornings to find him happily sleeping on his...
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Atlas in Action: Learning to roll!

20 Aug
Atlas has been rolling to sleep on his side the past couple weeks, and has suddenly mastered tummy time, so rolling is next up! He’s getting mostly there on his own both front-to-back and back-to-front, so it’s only a matter...
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Three Months

16 Aug
I absolutely LOVE seeing the changes from month to month! I know he’s growing, and I can see some differences day to day, but seeing these photos together makes it so clear how much he is changing! You can see...
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13 Weeks

15 Aug
Well, we survived our first week back in the working world! Dropping Atlas off each morning with Mugsy was reassuring as she is so kind, positive and genuinely excited to see him each day. She is also great about sending...
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Back to work!

10 Aug
We did it!! Today was my first day back at work and it was actually pretty easy. I was welcomed in the office by smiles and hugs; everyone was so happy to see me (and happy I would be taking...
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Twelve Weeks

8 Aug
Our last full week at home together! Monday, I’ll be back at work. Atlas will be in daycare with Mugsy Mon/Wed/Fri, and I’ll be working from home Tues/Thurs so I get more quality time with our little guy. I’m hoping...
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