Six Weeks

27 Jun
Atlas is enjoying our visit from Auntie Erin this weekend!! In the past week, he celebrated his first Fathers Day with papa, and had a play date with Athaelia, a sweet baby girl from childbirth class! (He enjoyed it more...
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Atlas in Action: Dancing with friends!

23 Jun
On Sunday, we met our good friends Matt and Sarah at one of our favorite outdoor bars, The Brew Pump. The outdoor space feels low-key like someone’s backyard, and there’s always a couple kids running around. It was our first...
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Five Weeks

21 Jun
Atlas is starting to really lock eyes with people and things! He hangs on to mama’s shirt while nursing. He is also enjoying using his leg muscles to “jump” – with some assistance, of course!    ...
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Second Bath

14 Jun
I think we’re getting the hang of this, slowly but surely! Papa got in with Atlas and washed him, and mama scooped him out for a double towel-off followed by body heat and nursing to warm him up. Atlas didn’t...
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4 weeks

13 Jun
Photos from the past week! We are just returning from a wonderful visit to Lincolnton where Atlas met his Grandma Lee, Aunt Penny and Uncle Danny! It was such a wonderful visit and we basically just sat for hours and...
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Atlas’ First Bath

7 Jun
After giving his little body and skin time to acclimate to the outside world, we gave Atlas his first bath today! I think he enjoyed the warm water at first, but he wasn’t a fan of the actual washing part....
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