My Blessingway

17 Apr
A lot of people haven’t heard of blessingways. A blessingway can be a lot of things, but to me it was gathering of my close girlfriends at my home so they could shower me with love and support. No diapers...
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The baby room!

13 Apr
So, all through the pregnancy, people have asked, “How are you going to decorate without knowing the gender??” I wasn’t too worried about it, since we aren’t the type to make the room super pink or all blue anyway! I...
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Belly photos & another shower!

3 Apr
Little Lee is now 34 weeks cooked!! 6 weeks until the due date, and fortunately I’m still feeling pretty great and loving everything, even though the little one’s kicks are getting quite forceful at times. Of course, that just means...
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