6 months, 1 week.

31 Jan
Soooo, big news – we bought a house! We are so, so thrilled. It is 1400 square feet in West Asheville, less than 1.5 miles from our current rental place. It is new (and clean!), green-certified, and with 3 bedrooms...
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23 Weeks

19 Jan
5 months and 3 weeks along! This morning, we had a routine check-up and everything is going so well that the appointment went by too fast! Heartbeat is strong and steady and right on target (and brought tears to the...
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Baby Gear

4 Jan
Pictured here: The fanciest, heavy duty stroller (and car seat!) ever courtesy of Little Lee’s Aunt Esther, Tybee the teddy bear thanks to LL’s great-grandparents, and a baby bump! It’s so surreal and fun to have baby items start coming...
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